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Sukilove is a Belgian indie rock group with a very interesting sound. On their album You Kill Me they employ the noisy, buzz guitars of alternative rock groups such as Sonic Youth and yet create very melodic, pop-influenced rock. For example, their song “From a Blue-Eyed Girl” contains an unusual mix of these seemingly contrasting elements, but the band makes the combination work. The track opens with a series of repeating claps that you might hear in “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles and then a low-pitched, dark humming sound creeps in. Afterwards, the lines, “You might get the world, I’ve got my shit together” are repeated. The song then progresses into bass-heavy buzz rock with a hint of pop-influence hidden beneath the noise. An interesting combination to say the least.

The album’s opener, “Start a Life,” is a little subtler than “From a Blue-Eyed Girl.” It still has that mix of buzzing guitars and pop-rock, but it’s a bit more laid back and would probably be a bit more acceptable by general audiences. That does not mean it’s not a strong track in the least. Quite the contrary. In fact, I challenge anyone who hears that song to not start nodding their head to the tune while being taken aback by the power of Sukilove’s noise pop.

“1234” is definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album and chugs along at very powerful, mechanically deliberate pace. The lead vocalist gets a lot more aggressive for this track and does a very good job of it. Speaking of aggressive, “Secrets” is probably one of the most chaotic and aggressive songs on this album, yet it still manages to maintain its subtle, melodic tendencies. It makes for an interesting listen. And for those of you who get tired of constant noise, you’ll get your break in the much quieter and slower “I Didn’t Mean it That Way,” which somehow still manages to maintain the flow of emotional strength while taking a slight stylistic break.

Sukilove’s You Kill Me is a very impressive album and definitely worth listening to or picking up at some point, especially if you’re into buzzing noise pop.

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Sukilove – From a Blue-Eyed Girl
Sukilove – Start a Life

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