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149 to go!

C’mon, people, only 151 149 more people as of this writing to visit the site until we’ve broken 3000 people for the month of ROCKTOBER. You can do it – it’s Daylight Savings Switch Day too, so that gives us an extra hour of ROCK! Just spread the word and cross your fingers. Today’s going to bring some treats for you as well, and that’s no trick!

A few months ago I went to the International Spy Museum in DC with my cousin – it was a neat place, but it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already mostly know from my being a spy enthusiast. Anyway, the museum was a popular place, and to get in you needed timed tickets – as we waited outside for our turn to go in, this guy on the street was giving us people in line a little hand-flute performance… he turned out to be quite the cultured, sophisticated, man-about-town!

“FRANKENSTEIN”, Edgar Winter [ buy They Only Come Out At Night ]

(I would have posted “Feed My Frankenstein” by Alice Cooper for the last day of ROCKTOBER, but that’s too easy of a post to make considering the holiday. Speaking of Alice Cooper, I once saw an interview with him on tv and he complained that nobody ever comes to his house on halloween to trick or treat! Seems to me that would be a kickass place to trick or treat at. At least that gives him and me something in common, my house is at the top of a steep hill at a kind of dead-end street, so we don’t get many people if any either.)

Stay tuned and spread the word! I’ll see what else I can brew or maybe summon up for a special halloween series of ROCKTOBER posts!

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