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The Desert Fathers

Alex of The Desert Fathers

Into crazy, heavy-hitting experimental rock? Then you’ll dig The Desert Fathers. From that link, just click on the “Adolf Hipster” picture to continue onto the main site. The Desert Fathers are definitely an odd band. When you hear their music, you’ll agree with their lyrics, “I feel like I’ve fallen out of a plane.” Their lead guitarist, Acquaman, produces some weird sounds from his guitars like I’ve never heard before. In “A Practical Joke” he creates this harsh, twangy, metallic sound that stands out above the other instruments and continuously hammers it out like he’s running a chainsaw across the guitar strings. And the vocals have this crazy dissonant quality to them, which is somewhat aided by the fact that the lead vocalist can’t really sing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes the inability to sing adds a certain touch to these wild songs. You’ll understand what I mean when you hear them.

I will admit that “A Practical Joke” is not their weirdest song. If you want one of those then check out “Pitbulls”, which you can download off of their website. It includes someone barking like a pitbull overtop some messed up instrumentation. I can’t begin to describe the song. In fact, it’s really hard to describe The Desert Fathers at all. They’re fucking nuts and really hard to classify. That’s why you have to listen to them for yourself.

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