Klassic KRUD

A Quickie Rock Post

I'm making up for my lengthy absence with another quickie post. For this one, I'll direct everyone to three songs from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Soundtrack

Yeah, I know, it was a pretty crappy movie, but it did have some nice songs that you really don't see much of anymore. And they're rockin'. Two of them even have “rockin' ” right in their titles! Like “Can't Stop Rockin'” by ZZ Top and “Rockin' Over The Beat (Remix)” by Technotronic and Ya Kid K. “Can't Stop Rockin' ” is really a kickass piece of blues-rock from ZZ Top's 1985 album Afterburner that DOESN'T stop rockin'… even when it's over because it gets stuck in your head. “Rockin' Over The Beat” is a great, early 90's dance number that I think may have been done especially for the movie. The original version of this son

g can be found on their album Pump Up The Jam: The Album but I have yet to find this remix anywhere else.

Along with these two “rockin' ” songs is a semi-obscure classic synth pop song that has been lost to the ages: “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora from Living in the Background (feel free to buy it if you have $88 to spare). I believe it became most popular in a Crest commercial back in the 80's. It's a great song and very catchy, especially with the Tarzan-like vocals in the background. And it has really weird lyrics that can be interpreted multiple ways. One part of the song is sometimes interpreted as saying, “Night to night / Give me the other, give me the other” and sometimes it's interpreted as saying “Not tonight / Give me the honor, give me the honor” and then there are other variations of those lines. I sure have to wonder how many people remember the song.