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ROCKTOBER is still going strong! Went to the Sound Garden again tonight and picked up about $90 of used cds – I think I might expand ROCKTOBER to include songs that rock out rather than just limit it to songs with “rock” in the title. Good news, too! Last time I picked up the copy of “No Sound Is Too Taboo” by United Future Organization and hoped that my good luck in picking up great albums based on their cover art hold up – so far, I am happy to declare, I am 2 for 2! RAWK!

In any case, on to the rock for the day! I don’t remember if I heard this originally from Meaghan or her friend Evelyn, but it was on a mixtape that they created that I heard while visiting down at their college. Just showed off the track to my friend Dave (not our Rival Dave), and he declares that Robbie Williams is “good stuff!” There you go, an opinion about the songs from someone who isn’t me, and that ought to be good enough for you!

“ROCK DJ”, Robbie Williams [ buy Sing When You’re Winning ]

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