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No, I’m not dead! I just haven’t thought of anything good to post, or what to say about the good stuff I did find. I owe you a post or three, I expect… Also, note: now that I was able to get Gmail invites I updated the email for contacting me if you need to, now you can reach me at radiokrud@gmail.com.

After thinking it over some after reading a comment on Radio KRUD about my idea of making an internet radio station and poking around Live365’s page I bit the bullet and am trying broadcasting for a bit. At least until my free 7-day trial expires! So for now, tune in to Radio KRUD using your favorite mp3 streaming program at “” ! I’m still working out any kinks with the broadcasting setup as for quality vs speed, so check it out and listen for a bit and let me know what you think. It only holds up to 10 people at a time, though (unless you people like it so much that you want to throw cash at me so I can afford the higher-tier broadcasting plan!). Next step: trying to figure out a way to get the currently playing song title/artist to display on the site here somewhere. Hm…

Now, to Ikea to return some shelves I bought the other day but don’t have room for, and some wandering around doing errands. Like I said, I owe you a few posts, so I’ve been thinking over what I want to end up posting…

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