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Picking Up The Slack/Request Line

I am going to be very, very, very sad this week. Comicon in San Diego is a yearly tradition for me, but my moving to Canada prevents me from going this year. So I will miss the chance to hang out with fellow radioKRUDer Glenn while helping Dave pick up the slack.
We’ve gotten a few emails about the pictures – I drew them in Expression (a vector program) and they’re supposed to blend in perfectly with the site design for radioKRUD I haven’t quite finished yet.
If you’re on Livejournal and want to get this blog on your page, I set up a syndicated feed there.


By request of my dear friend Susan, I’ve dug out my old Rutles CD and ripped a couple of songs from this classic group. There are so many amazing songs in their repitoire, it was hard to single the number down, but here’s what I choose to represent such an iconic band that has recorded so many hits through such a long period of time:

Hold My Hand
Another Day

Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry (the Rutles) were a Beatles parody put on by Neil Innes and Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame). These songs come from the movie that chronicles the group from its comic inception to its even more comic end. It’s hilarious as a parody, but the Beatles imitation is downright creepy in the songs. Hold My Hand, with it’s “yeah yeah yeah”s manages to combine at least two Beatles songs into one, sounding like both at the same time, while not actually borrowing the Beatles tunes. Ouch! doesn’t sound as much like Help!, but has a lot more fun with the “love hurts” concept than any song I’ve ever heard.

What’s great, though, is that these songs stand alone just fine. I got tricked when I first heard them. I was 14 and a friend stuck them onto an otherwise serious classic r&b tape and since so many bands of that period had silly songs, Another Day didn’t stand out as fabricated to sound just like them. When he tried it next with Piggy In the Middle and Cheese and Onions, I got it. But then, I was even then a Monty Python fan and knew Eric Idle’s musical work with the show, as well as Neil Innes, who colaberated with them on songs from the movies.

[buy the album]
[buy the movie!]

2 thoughts on “Picking Up The Slack/Request Line

  • Always loved the Rutles album (and special – the sequence for Ouch! is side-splitting, a precise parody of Help!). My sister and I sadly quote from it often when situations call for it (there are many times where “we were shocked…(shocked) and stunned…(very stunned)” comes in handy).

  • I haven’t seen the movie in forever, but I remember that sequence. This is something I’ve really gotta pick up soon, because now that I’ve been listening to the music so much, I’m really feeling the need to see the movie.


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