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Bit Of An Introduction

The Daveman here with a bit of an introductory post. I figure I’d just say what music I listen to (i.e. what kind of stuff you might find me posting here). I guess you could dumb down my musical tastes to “everything” because I do in fact like almost every conceivable genre out there. It doesn’t mean I like all the music I hear, but the chances that I will are pretty good.

Anyway, I’ll start off by introducing an artist who has had his hand in a number of musical genres and done well in them all as far as I can tell. He’s a bit of an idol of mine, a man by the name of Devin Townsend. He’s the lead singer of the heavy metal band Strapping Young Lad and has also formed a punk rock band called Punky Bruster and gone solo to do alternative rock. He has his own label called Hevy Devy Records at http://www.hevydevy.com where you can download a full track from each of the albums he has released. I was able to get a really cool live version of “Oh My Fucking God” by Strapping Young Lad from their live album No Sleep Till Bedtime from mp3.com, but I don’t what’s going on with that site nowadays. All of Devin Townsend’s work is of high quality, so go check it out any way you can.

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